4 hand massage

4 hand massage

A four-hand massage is a sensational massage therapy performed by two goddesses instead of just one. It is a well-known Tantric massage ritual that brings not only the best massage experience but also a wide range of benefits.

The four-hand massage is also know as the Ocean Waves due to the way this massage is delivered. The four hands of the Tantric goddesses performing this therapy send stimulations in sweeping motions, in waves of sensations that are very enjoyable.

The approach taken in a four-hand massage session can be different, but the overall experience will still be very enjoyable. This is why four-hand massage is known as one of the best Tantric massage treatments to opt for whenever you are booking a session.

Tantric Roots of Ocean Waves Massage

Four-hand massage, similar to other massage therapies based on the principles of Tantra, has a very strong Tantric root. It was first mentioned as part of the Science of Life or Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old Eastern Indian book about holistic health and philosophy.

The nature of four-hand massage is very balanced not only because the rituals are neutral but also because it is designed to balance the body, the mind and the consciousness. During an Ocean Waves massage, you will be able to learn how Tantra can help balance the internal Chakra perfectly.

In ancient scrolls about Tantra, four-hand massage is also known as the Abhyanga. The rituals have been perfected over the course of thousands of years, making today’s Ocean Waves massage both very relaxing and highly beneficial at the same time.

The Nature of Four-Hand Massage

Before we discuss further about the rituals and other aspects of the Ocean Waves massage, it is important that we understand the very nature of this treatment. Four-hand massage is designed to be both sensual and highly relaxing, but it is a very balanced therapy. It combines low- and high-intensity stimulations to reorganize the flow of Chakra inside the receiver’s body.

Warm massage oil – usually made of herbal ingredients – and the combination of waves and soft pressures performed by the therapists allow the inner Chakra to be realigned accordingly. As a result, the whole experience is very soothing even when the stimulations are fairly intense.

Traditionally, Abhyanga is also designed to help detoxify the body from toxic materials. The combination of elements used as part of the massage session and the stimulations delivered throughout the session can help the body excrete toxins through sweat effectively.

Prepare to feel fully refreshed at the end of the session. Four-hand massage can be very relaxing, but it is still a very beneficial massage that can help reenergize the body and the mind effectively.

How the Four-Hand Massage Is Performed

There are different techniques of performing an Ocean Waves massage, and we are going to discuss some of them in this article.

The Unity

Both therapists can focus on the same spot at one time in order to deliver intense sensations and strong waves. This is the most common form used by many Tantric temples in ensuring maximum benefits.

By focusing on the same spot or part of the body, the two therapists performing the Ocean Waves massage can deliver stimulations in complete harmony. The impact is truly profound since the body will respond to these stimulations almost instantly.

Throughout the massage session, one therapist will take the lead while the other mirrors the movements accordingly. You will feel as if the four hands are working as one.

The Contrasted

At the opposite side, we have the two therapists focusing on different parts of the body entirely. One Tantric goddess may treat the lower part of your body while the other focuses on the head and neck area. Stimulations are delivered harmonically, but the whole experience will feel contrasted by nature.

Although this way of performing the four-hand ritual may seem strikingly different and imbalanced, it is actually an effective way of realigning your internal flow of Chakra. The two therapists will work their way through different parts of the body from opposite sides before ending the therapy stimulating the same area.

This type of four-hand massage therapy is also known for its intense impacts and amazing results. The whole experience will still be superbly soothing but you will feel the benefits of the rituals manifesting as the session progresses.

The Balanced

This type of four-hand massage therapy combines the two methods we discussed earlier to create a truly holistic experience. Different rituals are combined perfectly to create a very enjoyable experience and a wide range of benefits.

Benefits of Four-Hand Massage

Just like many other Tantric rituals, four-hand massage brings a number of basic benefits including pure relaxation and faster body metabolism or regeneration. These basic benefits are further accompanied by a series of specific benefits unique to this type of treatment, including:

· Improvements in the way your body distributes nutrients and oxygen. The improved blood flow and circulation allows different parts of the body to function optimally. You will feel fully refreshed at the end of the session.

· Sexual energy recharge. Although four-hand massage is not purely sensual by nature, it is still a very good massage therapy for those who are seeking for methods to improve their sexual energy and drive. Not only will you have your inner sexual drive improved, you will also learn the best way to control sexual energy along the way.

· Chakra balancing. The spiritual impact of Chakra balancing is truly profound. You can deal with stress and problems effectively once your Chakra is fully aligned. It will also be much easier to maintain a positive attitude.

· Release of toxins and negative energy. The positive energy delivered by the two Tantric goddesses performing the rituals will push away any negative energy within you. The stimulations delivered also help your body process toxins and release them effectively.

It is clear that the four-hand massage, or the Ocean Waves massage, is a very beneficial Tantric massage therapy to enjoy. With the whole experience being highly customizable, enjoying the best time and gaining maximum benefits are certainly easy with this type of massage treatment.

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