Body to body massage

Body to body massage

For a truly sensual experience, a body-to-body massage is the best Tantric treatment to get. As the name suggests, the Tantric goddess will use the natural curves of her bare body instead of her hands to deliver stimulations and produce a stunning array of benefits.

A body-to-body massage produces unrivalled sensations that cannot be found in other Tantric rituals. The way soft pressures are delivered and the experience produced by the Tantric goddess’s body sliding against yours are just too good to miss.

Body-to-body massage treatments are as relaxing as it is sensual and exciting. The whole experience can be made even more enjoyable by combining this particular ritual with other Tantric massage treatments as part of a comprehensive session.

The Nude Body-to-Body Massage Experience

Having the nude body of the Tantric goddess rubbing against your body and caressing different parts of it with her natural curves can be unimaginable; it is an experience that you need to try for yourself to fully understand. Throughout the massage session, the Tantric goddess will deliver intense desire and a series of explosive Tantric touches like nothing you have experienced before.

The massage treatment starts with the Tantric goddess applying warm massage oil onto one side of your body. The massage oil of your choice is used to make the whole experience even more personalized and highly relaxing.

Once the first step is completed, a series of soft touches are delivered using the Goddess’s hands. This is a preliminary treatment that prepares your body for the intense sensations a full body-to-body massage brings.

The next step would be for the Tantric goddess to climb on top of you and start rubbing her bare body against yours, caressing different parts of your body along the way. The way the Tantric goddess’s natural curves rub against your body is just too good to miss.

Stimulations are sent through your body in waves; the sensations are almost electric due to the high intensity of this massage ritual. You can feel it as your mind slips away into a deeper state of relaxation as the massage session progresses.

The intense experience doesn’t stop body-to-body massage from being fully relaxing and rejuvenating. In fact, the whole experience is perfect for dealing with stress and depression simply because it is more relaxing that other Tantric massage rituals.

Once the Tantric goddess is done stimulating one side of your body, she will repeat the process with the other side and reproduce the same effects all over again. The massage session usually starts with the Tantric goddess stimulating the back before moving on to the front side.

Adjusting the Experience

Similar to other Tantric massage rituals, the body-to-body massage experience can be personalized to better suit your needs and preferences. There are a number of elements of the session that can be adjusted to make the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Treatments and Rituals

Body-to-body massage can be combined with other Tantric massage treatments to create a truly holistic experience. Lingam or Yoni massage and prostate massage or Sacred Spot massage are usually the treatments that can be added to create a comprehensive Tantric massage session.

The Tantric bathing rituals are perfect for beginning the session and preparing your body for the intense sensations. A full-body worship usually accompanies the Tantric bathing rituals, making the whole experience much more enjoyable.

To end the session, a simple warm bath and a nice array of soft massages are perfect. Many who enjoy body-to-body massage also love to have a moment of silence at the end of the session, just to let the mind roams free after the intense Tantric sensations.

The Massage Elements

The particular aromatherapy oil used as part of the massage, the Tantric goddess performing these rituals and other detailed elements of the session can also be adjusted. Most massage parlours also offer unique elements such as specialized Tantric temple or massage venue.

Understanding Body-to-Body Massage Basics

In order for the rituals to be maximally beneficial, it is necessary to understand the true nature of body-to-body massage before booking a session. Keep an open mind and prepare well for the session to enjoy the best experience.

· Preparing for the Session

Body-to-body massage is usually performed in a Tantric temple, so it is necessary to arrive at least 30-45 minutes before the session begins. This way, you can relax and prepare for the session well.

Talk to the Tantric goddess that will be performing the rituals and discuss your expectations and thoughts before the session begins. These seemingly simple details will help your goddess customize the experience further.

· Dos and Don’ts

Respect the Tantric goddess properly. Although body-to-body massage is a very sensual ritual, the purpose of the session is not sex or sexual activities. Avoid unnecessary touching and keep the relationship between you and the Tantric goddess at the right level.

Don’t hesitate to speak up and let the Tantric goddess know how you feel throughout the session. The treatments can be adjusted even during the session; the whole experience will be much more enjoyable this way.

Keep an open mind and prepare for spiritual stimulations as well. Body-to-body massage is very enjoyable not only on a physical level but also on a spiritual level. You can experience immense transfer of positive energy just by keeping an open mind and letting your spiritual self slips away into the deep realm of Tantra.

· Ending the Session

As mentioned earlier, the best way to end the session is to lie still and let the mind roams free after the intense stimulations are delivered. Enjoy the tranquillity and you will find your mind reaching new, unimaginable heights.

Taking your time before continuing with a nice warm bath will also help the body process the delivered stimulations, making it easier to absorb all the benefits a body-to-body massage is offering. You will feel much more refreshed and spiritually connected by applying this simple tip.

A body-to-body massage is among the best Tantric treatments to get these days, especially with so many benefits to enjoy from the experience. When performed by a trained Tantric goddess, the whole experience is an unforgettable one nonetheless.

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