What is Tantra?

What is Tantra? Before we can truly explore the art of Tantric rituals, it is necessary to learn more about Tantra. Tantra is the very foundation that shapes Tantric massage and its rituals. What is Tantra exactly? The Word: Tantra Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means “to expand” or “to grow”. The word Tan [...]

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History of Tantra

History of Tantra The history of Tantra dates back to the 1.700 B.C. when the word Tantra was first used to describe a series of principles. It was mentioned in the book of Rigveda, an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns that was noted as the origin of Tantric principles. Tantra continued to grow [...]

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Tantric massage for women

Tantra for Women Massage therapies for women offer not only a lot of benefits but also a wealth of pleasure to enjoy along the way. The therapies available are designed to bring joy to those who enjoy them while at the same time stimulate different parts of the body in order to ignite physical and [...]

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Bathing and massage

Bath & Massage Taking a bath, especially a warm bath, is always a good way to start a massage session. The whole experience can be taken further by transforming that simple bath into a full-body bathing ritual. Many massage therapies, including Tantric massage, include bathing rituals at the beginning of the session. These bathing rituals [...]

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Body Worship

Tantra and Body Worship Tantra sees every man and woman as a container to a divine spark, an unlimited source of energy. A full-body worship is a Tantric ritual designed to unlock that divine energy, as a way to reconnect with one’s spiritual self at many levels. Designed to follow a Tantric bathing ritual, body [...]

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