Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage Tantric massage is an alternative massage treatment based on the principles of Tantra. It is a series of stimulations designed to arouse different parts of the receiver’s body and ignite sensations throughout the session. Tantric massage can be as beneficial as it is enjoyable, especially when performed by a trained Tantric goddess. History [...]

Sexual benefits of Massage

Sexual benefits of Massage Tantric massage, or erotic massage in general, is known not only for its health and spiritual benefits but also for its immense sexual benefits. There is no doubt that Tantric massage is designed to be sensual by nature – due to the use of Tantra principles as the basis for its [...]

Spiritual Benefits of Massage

Spiritual Benefits of Massage The benefits of massage therapies can be felt both physically and spiritually. With rituals such as Tantric massage, the very principles behind them promote spiritual enlightenment through a series of simple rituals. It is always interesting to explore the spiritual benefits of massage and how they can be felt even after [...]

What to expect from tantric massage

What to expect from tantric massage Tantric massage offers a rather unique experience combining the benefits of Tantric rituals and the sensual aura of Tantra. Book a Tantric massage session and you will find that there are a number of things to expect from the Tantric massage experience. The Tantric Temple Tantric massage can be [...]

How to learn tantric massage

How to learn tantric massage The art of Tantra and Tantric rituals are not difficult to master as long as you are willing to do the hard work. Many have mastered Tantric massage and how to deliver the stimulations properly; you too can be a Tantric master through a series of simple trainings. Tantric Massage [...]

Tantric massage and health

Tantric massage and health Tantric massage produces undeniable health benefits as part of its rewards. When performed correctly by trained Tantric goddesses, the impact of a Tantric massage therapy to your health can be truly profound. It is interesting to explore some of the health benefits of Tantric massage and how the therapy can help [...]

Prolonging pleasure

Longer pleasure with Tantric Massage Tantric massage and other massage therapies offer a number of benefits, many of them being related to sexual performance and the quality of one’s sexual experience. The control one’s sexual energy and prolong pleasure are among the many benefits that can be acquired through a series of massage treatments. There [...]