Erotic massage and happy ending

Erotic massage and happy ending

Erotic massage and happy ending are often seen as two inseparable things. Most of the time these phrases are badly associated with sexual activities and reaching orgasm instead of the massage treatments performed. To help debunk some of the myths, we are going to discuss more about erotic massage and happy ending in this part.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is every massage therapy that has a strong sensual aura to it. The name erotic massage is given to massage treatments that are surrounded by erotic elements. However, most of these treatments are not designed to be sexual or directly sexual.

There are different types of erotic massage treatments available today, including:

Tantric Massage

Based on the principles of Tantra, Tantric massage is perhaps one of the most famous forms of erotic massage available today. It is also recognized as one of the oldest erotic massage treatments.

Even with its strong sensual nature, Tantric massage is a very beneficial therapy. It brings physical and spiritual benefits to its receivers through a series of Tantric rituals.

Specific Tantric Rituals

Aside from the basic Tantric massage, advanced Tantric rituals often end with a happy ending. Lingam massage for male receivers and Yoni massage for female receivers are among the advanced Tantric rituals that will most likely end with a sexual release.

Asian Massage

Oriental treatments are also often associated with erotic massage experience. Thai massage, for example, is very sensual by nature despite the fact that several deep-tissue stimulations are delivered along the way.

Many sex therapies are also based on oriental treatments, making the whole experience much more sensual when performed correctly. Again, the sensual nature of Asian massage therapies is not to be wrongfully associated with sexual activities.

Erogenous Massage

Erogenous massage is a massage therapy that focuses on pressure points known as the erogenous zone. These points, when stimulated correctly, produce a series of amazing sensations that are also sensual by nature.

These erotic massage treatments, along with a number of other massage therapies, are very beneficial and superbly relaxing despite being intimately sensual. Aside from health benefits and direct psychological impacts, the best erotic massage treatments can also help solve sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Benefits of Erotic Massage

Depending on the massage rituals, erotic massage treatments bring different sets of benefits to the receivers. There are a number of general benefits found in almost every erotic massage treatment, including:

· Complete relaxation. Erotic massage treatments are seen as intense and exciting, but they are also very relaxing and can bring the mind into a deeper state of moderation as the session progresses.

· Improved blood flow. As part of their efforts to solve sexual issues, erotic massage – and the stimulations incorporated into the sessions – are known for their ability to help improve blood circulation while lowering the blood pressure at the same time.

· Improved bodily function. Since our body absorbs more nutrients and oxygen when stimulated during an erotic massage session, it is not surprising to find different bodily functions such as the mind’s cognitive ability to be improved as part of the benefits.

· Sexual energy recharge. Erotic massage treatments and their sensual nature are the best therapies for those who want to improve their sexual energy and drive. Control over sexual energy and rituals that can be performed to prolong pleasure and increase the quality of orgasm are also introduced as part of the massage treatments.

The Happy Ending

Happy ending is a phrase used to describe orgasm achieved at the end of an erotic massage treatment. Although orgasm is deeply associated with sexual activities, it can be produced without the need of a sexual intercourse in the process.

Most erotic massage treatments – such as the Lingam massage or naturist Tantric massage – stimulates the pelvic region and the sexual organ directly as part of their rituals. The goal is to stimulate nerve endings and pressure points in the particular part of the human body in order to produce a wide range of benefits.

As a result of these stimulations, it is only natural that the penis or vagina is aroused. The sensations produced are very similar to those produced through sexual activities; in many cases, the sensations are much more intense and highly enjoyable due to the stimulations delivered directly to sensitive pressure points.

Alternative erotic massage treatments such as prostate massage can also end with a happy ending even when the pelvic region is not stimulated directly. The male prostate gland is known also as the male G-spot, so it is not surprising to find the massage therapy ending with a happy ending or sexual release.

More About the Happy Ending

The first thing that needs to be understood when it comes to ending a massage treatment with sexual release or ejaculation is the fact that it must be seen as a bonus rather than as the primary goal of the treatment. In Tantric massage sessions, for example, happy ending is seen as a nice additional to the experience and not as a goal that must be achieved.

With specific therapies such as Lingam massage, sexual release is postponed as part of the rituals of mastering sexual energy control. As the receiver gets closer to reaching an orgasm, the Tantric goddess or therapist will step back and guide the receiver through applying Tantric breathing techniques and muscle control. This therapy is very effective in helping the receiver master the art of prolonging pleasure.

The non-sexual nature of a happy ending is also part of the reasons why the sexual release itself is often far more enjoyable than that achieved through sexual activities. The basic principles of Tantra or other norms used as the foundation of erotic massage treatments teaches us how to achieve a higher level of orgasm; the benefits can be felt even beyond the boundaries of the massage session.

Keeping an Open Mind

It is essential that you keep an open mind whenever you are entering a massage session regardless of the massage therapy you are getting. The same rule applies to erotic massage and happy ending as well.

By keeping an open mind, your body and soul are taken into the magical realm or sexual exploration. The results are simply staggering; you will experience things you have never experienced before, including a heightened, deeply improved sexual release achieved through intense stimulations.

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