Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for male sexual organ or penis; it is often loosely translated as the Wand of Light, the centre of male sexual energy. Lingam is also recognized as one of the important spiritual points in the human body according to the principles of Tantra.

Lingam massage is a set of rituals designed to stimulate the Lingam area, especially as part of a more comprehensive Tantric massage rituals. The rituals stimulate creative and sensual energy while at the same time develops the receiver’s ability to control his sexual drive.

Lingam massage, despite its sensual nature, is also a very relaxing Tantric massage therapy that can be used for dealing with stress and tension. It is often surprising how Lingam massage isn’t designed to be sexual although orgasm or sexual release can be seen as a nice added benefit to conclude the session.

The Lingam Massage Rituals

The rituals begin with the receiver lying on his back in a relaxed position. The Tantric goddess performing the rituals will start stimulating pressure points around the Lingam itself, creating a nice mix of sensations along the way. This prelude allows the receiver to relax and be even more ready for the Lingam massage therapy.

A small quantity of massage oil – usually with aromatherapy characteristics – is applied onto the Lingam and the surrounding area to make the process even more enjoyable. It is the receiver’s privilege to choose the particular aroma or scent for the session; some aromatherapy oils are known to bring more benefits to the skin and the body, enhancing the benefits of Lingam massage further.

Next, the Tantric goddess will focus on the shaft. With the help of soft strokes and pressures, the shaft of one’s Lingam is stimulated. The experience is truly thrilling yet relaxing; the receiver’s body will find the sensations to be refreshing as well, making the whole therapy even more unique.

The head of the receiver’s Lingam is also stimulated, especially towards the end of the session due to its intensity. The more intense the stimulation, the more energy the receiver will experience.

Lingam massage also stimulates the male Sacred Spot, a small point between the testicles and the anus known to be the centre of male sexual energy. The Sacred Spot can be expanded and softened with the help of several massage treatments; once the Sacred Spot is in its active state, it is very easy to enhance one’s orgasm and master ejaculatory control.

The Introduction of Tantric Sexual Control

Lingam is a very sensitive part of the male body, so it is not surprising to find many who enjoy Lingam massage to reach orgasm near or at the end of the session. However, the process of Lingam massage is also designed to introduce better sexual control through the practice of Tantra.

During a Lingam massage session, the therapist or Tantric goddess will step back and guide the receiver to controlling his sexual drive and energy every time he is showing signs of reaching an orgasm. A series of breathing techniques and muscle contractions are used to prolong pleasure and manage one’s sexual energy.

It is also not a secret that Lingam massage, mainly a series of therapies, can help deal with sexual problems such as premature ejaculation. With the sexual energy control training repeated several times during a Lingam massage session, one can master the art of controlling orgasm in on time at all.

Benefits of Lingam Massage

Similar to other Tantric massage therapies, Lingam massage is also designed to bring a number of benefits to its receivers. These benefits can be classified into two main categories:

Physical Benefits

· Lingam massage can help its receiver improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure effectively. With better blood circulation, transfer of nutrients and oxygen to other parts of the body can be done effectively.

· The improved blood circulation can also help improve the quality of one’s erection. Although blood pressure is lowered, the Lingam will have better ability to erect as well as maintain the erection.

· Lingam massage is a very effective therapy for dealing with sex-related issues, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Paired with herbs and other remedies, the treatment will help solve these issues almost instantly.

· The rituals help bring relaxation to the receiver’s physical self. Muscle strains and tension are removed effectively with the help of soft touches and pressures. Paired with other Tantric massage therapies, Lingam massage can be the perfect treatment for excessive exhaustion.

Spiritual Benefits

· Lingam massage helps build a strong spiritual connection between the Tantric goddess and the receiver. The intimate experience is very suitable for those who are in the need for transfer of positive energy.

· Lingam massage is also recognized as very relaxing. Although the rituals are very sensual by nature, the receiver is taken into a state of deep relaxation before intense stimulations are delivered.

· The rituals can also help treat the psychological aspects of one’s sexual problems. Lack of confidence and other spiritual issues can really cause severe sexual inabilities, so they need to be treated as a whole in order for the issues to be solved once and for all.

· The relaxing nature of Lingam massage also helps the receiver deal with stress and depression. With the help of regular Lingam massage therapies, it is very easy to relieve tension and stress even at the most severe level.

Enhancing the Benefits of Lingam Massage

Lingam massage has been refined for thousands of years, making the therapy itself very effective even by today’s standards. Combined with other Tantric rituals, Lingam massage can be the perfect therapy for everyone.

To enhance the benefits of Lingam massage, a few tips that can be applied are:

1. Keep an open mind. Lingam massage can be very relaxing as long as the receiver is willing to slip into a deeper state of relaxation.

2. Understand the nature of Lingam massage. Lingam massage is indeed very sensual, but the rituals are not designed to be sexual at all.

3. Be receptive. Rituals performed during a Lingam massage session – along with the breathing techniques and other elements of the therapy – can be mastered in order to extend the benefits of Lingam massage.

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