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Nuru Massage London

Nuru massage may originate from the Far East, but you can get your very own personal Nuru Massage in London! No need to travel out of town – you can benefit from one right here.

This unique body to body massage treatment was perfected centuries ago by ancient Tantric practitioners in Japan. Nuru massages quickly became popular around the world and are now a particular favourite amongst Londoners.  It truly is a stimulating one-on-one erotic body to body massage session

What is a Nuru massage

This can only be described as a very slippery erotic massage that involves the use of authentic Nuru gel. This is a clear, odourless gel that is made from Japanese seaweed. The seaweed extract itself is a wonderful skin tonic and will tone and nourish the skin while you enjoy your body-to-body massage.

Usually your session will start off with an intimate shared shower before your session. This helps prepare you for your massage and allows you to relax and get to know your masseuse. Every Nuru session will be slightly different according to the individual therapist you choose, but no matter what, you will be in for a very sensual treat!

You will then dry off and make yourself comfortable lying face down on the massage bed. Your masseuse will then cover your body as well as her own with Nuru gel before beginning the massage treatment.

Tantric massage movements

The Nuru gel makes it easy for your therapist to perform full body slides and scissor massage moves with her thighs and legs over your body. The scissor slide is quite a unique move that is mostly used during Nuru massage. Once experienced it is never forgotten!

You will be asked to turn over onto your back so that your masseuse can work all the tensions out of your chest, hips and thighs. More Nuru gel may be smothered over your body at this point to aid with her sensual, slippery movements.  As you reach the end of your session, your body will be quivering with pure delight.

Why choose us

Our register of fully trained Tantric therapists are very experienced in performing Nuru massage. This is a very intimate form of erotic massage that takes a long time to master, so you will need to put yourself into the hands of true experts. Our talented masseurs are here to help if you want to experience the best Nuru Massage London can offer.

You will need to try Nuru massage for yourself to truly appreciate just how good it is. You don’t need to imagine how wonderful this Japanese Tantric massage is – try it for yourself! Book one of our talented therapists today!