Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is a form of Tantric massage ritual designed to stimulate the male prostate gland. It is a truly remarkable therapy for those who are suffering from a lot of health and sexual issues or simply want to prevent them from happening. Although it may seem like an uncomfortable therapy to go through, Tantric prostate massage is actually very enjoyable.

In many Tantra manuscripts, the male prostate gland is recognized as the Sacred Spot – not to be mistaken for Sacred Space, which is the female sexual organ or vagina – and one of the natural centres of human energy. Science has proven that the male prostate gland is where many nerve endings meet, nerve endings that are connecting directly to important organs in the human body.

The Sacred Spot Massage

The Sacred Spot massage – or the rituals in particular – must be performed by a Tantric goddess with proper skills and training. It is a delicate process and extreme care is needed.

Similar to other Tantric rituals, the Sacred Spot massage can be integrated into the receiver’s Tantric massage experience as part of the session. However, Prostate massage is also seen as a standalone therapy for many specific conditions.

It is essential that the receiver be in a fully relaxed state before the therapy is started. By working with a professional Tantric goddess, one doesn’t need to worry about not being able to fully relax or enjoy the therapy in general.

It is also recommended to go through Tantric bathing and full-body worship rituals before a prostate massage. The combination allows the receiver’s body to release tension effectively while at the same time give the mind tools it needs to be fully relaxed.

Once the preparations are made, the Tantric goddess will begin the rituals by stimulating the exterior part of the anus. This ritual relaxes the exterior muscles and the nerves surrounding the prostate gland. When done correctly, the early stimulations are blissful.

The process of stimulating the receiver’s Sacred Spot directly only begins when the conditions are right. The Tantric goddess will use lubricants or specially designed massage oil for the rituals to make the entire process more enjoyable. She will then insert her finger into the anus in order to reach and stimulate the receiver’s prostate gland directly.

As mentioned earlier, many consider prostate massage to be discomforting. In reality, however, the whole process is surprisingly pleasant and highly enjoyable. Thanks to aromatherapy oil and the lubricants used as part of the process, it is also possible to go into a deeper state of relaxation while enjoying a Sacred Spot massage session.

Benefits of Prostate Massage To the Body

Prostate massage is regarded as one of the best therapies for many illnesses. Doctors have been recommending prostate massage for years, while the Tantric Sacred Spot massage offers the chance to gain all of the offered benefits while enjoying the process one step at a time.

When performed correctly with the help of an experienced Tantric goddess, Sacred Spot massage can help its receiver:

· Recharges sexual energy and drive. Prostate massage can really help its receivers improve their sexual drive and energy. The prostate gland is famously known as the male G-spot, making the therapy even more rewarding.

· Solves direct sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. A series of prostate massage therapies combined with other Tantric rituals are known to be very effective in dealing with these problems.

· Reduces the risk of prostate cancer. The risk of suffering from a prostate cancer is reduced by as much as 95% with the help of regular prostate massage therapies. Don’t forget that the male prostate gland is also connected to other organs including the lungs and brain, which means stimulating the prostate can help improve the functions and health of other connected organs as well.

· Lowers blood pressure while improving blood flow substantially. With better supply of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, other body organs will also be improved greatly.

Benefits of Prostate Massage To the Soul

As appealing as the health benefits of prostate massage are, the Sacred Spot rituals offer so much more than just physical benefits. In the world of Tantra, Sacred Spot massage is known to be the path to ultimate spiritual release.

Being able to release one’s spiritual potentials fully is truly unrivalled in many ways. With better control over consciousness, it is very easy to deal with stress, issues that we all must face on a daily basis and many other challenges in life.

The spiritual release grants access to higher quality of sleep. Thanks to the accompanying Tantric rituals, Sacred Spot massage can help anyone deal with stress and tension effectively.

Many who entered a Sacred Spot massage session carrying a lot of problems have come out of the Tantric temple feeling fully refreshed; the whole experience lifts any burden instantly no matter how heavy it is.

The Combined Experience

The best way to enjoy prostate massage as a Tantric therapy is by combining it with other treatments; those who are planning their first Sacred Spot massage session will find the added rituals to be very calming, making the entire experience superbly enjoyable.

The basic Tantric massage and Lingam massage are the two rituals that are usually combined with prostate massage. Since Sacred Spot massage is the most intense of them all, the prostate massage rituals are usually performed near the end or at the peak of the session.

A nice bathing ritual and full-body worship at the beginning of the comprehensive session, followed by another warm bath at the end of the session, will complete the full circle of Tantra.


Since prostate massage is a very delicate ritual, there are a few important precautions to be kept in mind:

1. Avoid consuming beverages that contain a large percentage of alcohol 24 hours prior to the prostate massage session.

2. Go on a low-iron, low-mineral diet during the 24-hour period in order to prepare the body for the experience and rituals.

3. Be fully comfortable with the Tantric goddess performing the Sacred Spot rituals and never hesitate to customize, alter or even stop the session whenever necessary.

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