Prolonging pleasure

Longer pleasure with Tantric Massage

Tantric massage and other massage therapies offer a number of benefits, many of them being related to sexual performance and the quality of one’s sexual experience. The control one’s sexual energy and prolong pleasure are among the many benefits that can be acquired through a series of massage treatments.

There are a number of things to understand about how prolonging pleasure is made possible. In order to prolong pleasure during a sexual intercourse, it is necessary to master the art of controlling sexual energy as well as enhance one’s sexual prowess. Tantric massage is the best therapy to opt for when it comes to achieving these benefits.

Tantric Massage and Prolonging Pleasure

Tantric massage stimulates parts of the body that are not stimulated by other types of massage therapies. The pelvic region is among the many target points ‘attacked’ during a Tantric massage session, making the treatment holistic and comprehensive in many ways.

These often-untouched target points are actually where the nerve endings are, especially those related to the receiver’s sexual ability and drive. By stimulating these nerve endings correctly – with a combination of soft pressures, touches and strokes – it is possible to greatly enhance the receiver’s sexual ability.

Breathing techniques and basic Tantric rituals are also taught as part of the session. The Tantric goddess performing the rituals will tell her receiver – in this case, you – how to apply these breathing techniques and muscle control in order to control sexual energy effectively.

Lingam and Yoni Massage

Tantra also offers two important rituals that can greatly enhance sexual energy and introduce control over male and female sexual drives: Lingam and Yoni massage. While Lingam massage focuses on the male Lingam or penis, Yoni massage is designed specifically for female.

These advanced therapies are even more effective when used as a way to introduce better sexual energy control. The Tantric goddess performing the ritual will deliver intense stimulations directly to the pelvic region and the sexual organ of the receiver. As the tension builds up, the receiver will come closer and closer to reaching the point of sexual release.

With orgasm or sexual release being near, the Tantric goddess will take a step back. She will also guide the receiver to applying Tantric rituals and breathing techniques in order to control the said sexual release effectively. These steps are repeated several times over the course of the session in order to strengthen the effects.

There is no doubt that Lingam and Yoni massage are very effective for prolonging pleasure. They are designed specifically as a way of training one’s ability to control sexual energy through a series of stimulations and easy-to-apply rituals.

Prostate Massage

Male receivers who want to take the learning process a step further can opt for the prostate massage. By stimulating the prostate gland directly, it is easy to master the art of sexual control over a shorter period of time.

The male prostate gland is known as the male G-spot for many reasons, one of which is the fact that it is the point where many nerve endings – especially those related to sexual functions – meet. Proper skills and experience are required in order for the prostate massage to be enjoyable, but a trained Tantric goddess should have sufficient knowledge to perform the rituals.

Prostate massage can also help solve issues such as premature ejaculation by introducing a way of putting pressure onto the Sacred Spot in order to delay orgasm.

Improving the Quality of Sexual Release

Prolonging pleasure is very important for a healthy sexual relationship, but it is even more important to learn the art of improving the quality of orgasm or sexual release. Being able to enjoy Tantric orgasm at the end of a sexual activity or intercourse will make the relationship stronger both physically and spiritually.

Improvements to the quality of sexual release can be acquired by mastering the very basics of Tantric massage: soft pressures to select target points and several breathing techniques. By incorporating these simple aspects into a sexual activity, it is very easy to improve the overall experience greatly.

The best part about learning these basics is that the Tantric goddess will teach them while you are enjoying a nice session of Tantric massage therapies. You can have the best time while gaining a lot of benefits and learning about the necessary rituals you can apply outside the session all in one session.

Enhancing the Effects of Massage for Prolonging Pleasure

Similar to achieving other benefits, prolonging pleasure with the help of massage therapies is a process that requires time and patience. However, it is also possible to enhance the effects and speed up the entire process with the help of catalysts.

· Natural Remedies

Ask if you can have a set of natural remedies designed specifically for prolonging pleasure and delaying ejaculation or sexual release. These remedies combined with the benefits of Tantric massage treatments can really help you achieve your goals in a shorter amount of time.

· Additional Rituals

Many would resort to the basic Tantric massage combined with Lingam/Yoni massage in order to enhance the ability to control sexual energy and its release. However, adding treatments such as a full-body worship and bathing rituals or nude body-to-body massage can also help speed up the process.

It is also possible to gain more benefits while you are in pursuit of better sexual control. The best part about Tantra’s universal nature is that you will still be able to enjoy its general benefits even when you have a specific set of goals in mind. Among the many additional benefits you can gain are:

· Complete relaxation and better control over your emotions.

· Better-toned sexual muscles in general. Lingam and Yoni massage train the sexual muscles effectively for better flexibility and greater control over sexual drive.

· Improved blood circulation and distribution of nutrients.

· Enhanced body metabolism.

· Balanced flow of Chakra and better stability between the physical and spiritual energy.

These benefits, and many others offered by Tantric massage rituals or massage therapies in general, can be experienced as you go further into your journey to mastering the art of controlling your sexual energy and prolonging pleasure.

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