Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is an alternative massage treatment based on the principles of Tantra. It is a series of stimulations designed to arouse different parts of the receiver’s body and ignite sensations throughout the session. Tantric massage can be as beneficial as it is enjoyable, especially when performed by a trained Tantric goddess.
History of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage was developed over a century ago in Asia, particularly in India where the principles of Tantra were initially developed. As the name suggests, Tantric massage is a form of Tantric ritual based on the ever-expanding principles of Tantra.

The treatment treats the receiver’s body as a whole, combining physical and spiritual stimulations as well as transfer of positive energy as part of the process. First-time receivers often find themselves surprised by just how relaxing and enjoyable the treatments can be.

The rituals incorporated into the art of Tantric massage are carrying a sole purpose of creating harmony. Balance between the male and female energies, Shakti and Shiva, are achieved and maintained with the help of breathing techniques, soft pressures to target points and other massage treatments.

Tantric massage will also create an utter harmony inside its receiver by synchronizing the mind and the body perfectly. As you go deeper and deeper into the relaxed state, you will fill your mind gliding away to an enjoyable exploration.

The Tantric Massage Rituals

A Tantric massage session usually begins with a nice bathing ritual; the bathing ritual is integrated into the session to prepare you as the receiver for the treatments to come.

Once you are in a relaxed state, you will be asked to lie down comfortably on the massage table or bed – depending on the preferences of the receiver, in this case you – and the Tantric goddess will start applying massage oil onto one side of your body.

Using a technique called “draping” the Tantric goddess will then address certain parts of your body successively, using her hands to send stimulations and perform the Tantric massage rituals. After she is done with one side of your body, she will then continue with the next side accordingly.

During the session, pressure points or target points are stimulated using a series of techniques. Soft strokes, touches and even deep-tissue massage are often used as part of the session to produce the desired benefits. Tantric massage is based on the principles of Tantra – which is known for its ability to adapt even through the test of time – so it is not surprising at all to see Tantric massage being adjusted to meet the receiver’s expectations.
Variations of Tantric Massage

The basic Tantric massage includes rituals we have discussed earlier. However, it is not the only form of Tantric massage available at the best Tantric temples. There are a number of variations that receivers can opt for in order to make their treatments much more beneficial and enjoyable, including:

Naturist Massage

Naturist massage uses the same rituals as basic Tantric massage, but the Tantric goddess – as well as the receiver – will completely nude. The added sensation allows transfer of energy to happen effectively while increasing the overall sensual aura of the therapy itself.

Naturist massage is also performed without using the draping technique, so you are completely exposed throughout the session. This particular variation of Tantric massage is famous for its ability to greatly enhance one’s self-esteem and sexual energy.

Four-Hand Massage

The four-hand massage, also known as the Ocean Wave therapy, is more than just a variation of Tantric massage. Although there are similarities between the two treatments, the sensations these therapies produce are completely different.

Instead of having only one Tantric goddess catering to the receiver’s needs and preferences, two Tantric goddesses are performing the four-hand massage. The sensations of having two pairs of hands creating waves across one’s body are indeed unrivalled.

Triple Goddesses Session

The Triple Goddesses Session is the next level of Tantric massage treatment. As the name suggests, three Tantric goddesses will be performing the Tantra-based rituals as well as other advanced Tantric therapies.

Elevated sensuality and ultimate sensations are among the benefits to expect as part of the Triple Goddesses Session.

With every part of the Tantric massage experience being highly customizable, down to the very last detail such as the aromatherapy oil used as part of the session, the possibilities are endless. You can have the Tantric goddess of your choice performing certain rituals throughout the session to achieve the ultimate goals.

Tantric Learning Experience

Tantric massage is more than just a one-sided therapy. The whole experience takes all parties involved on a spiritual journey; as a result, you can achieve great things, gain many benefits while gaining that ultimate spiritual enlightenment.

The Tantric goddesses trained in the art of Tantra will teach receivers breathing techniques and simple rituals that they can practice beyond the boundaries of a Tantric massage session. These teachings allow receivers – including you – to take the Tantric massage experience and its benefits to their best.

By applying the basic principles of Tantra and the simplest Tantric rituals, one can achieve many things rather easily. It is much easier to stay calm under pressure with the Tantric breathing techniques at your disposal; the same goes for dealing with sexual issues and general health problems.

The simple rituals can also be practiced as part of a couple’s Tantric experience. Be more spiritually connected, learn to control your sexual energy and enjoy the true benefits of Tantric massage as part of your relationship with a special partner. The stronger the spiritual bond, the more you will enjoy different activities with your partner and understand each other.
Sensual Massage vs. Tantric Massage

People often mistake Tantric massage with ordinary exotic or sensual massage. There is no doubt that Tantric massage is very sensual by nature, but the rituals are not designed to be sexual at all.

Tantra sees sexual pleasure as a mean or a process, not a goal to be reached. You can achieve great pleasure while gaining a lot of benefits when enjoying a nice Tantric massage, even when orgasm is not the primary goal of the session.

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