What to expect from tantric massage

What to expect from tantric massage

Tantric massage offers a rather unique experience combining the benefits of Tantric rituals and the sensual aura of Tantra. Book a Tantric massage session and you will find that there are a number of things to expect from the Tantric massage experience.

The Tantric Temple

Tantric massage can be performed at one of the available Tantric temples in your area. Tantric temples are specifically designed to enhance the overall experience brought to you by Tantric rituals superbly. The use of aromatherapy and other elements to create a sanctuary, a Tantric heaven, is quite common and will be part of your Tantric massage experience.

Of course, Tantric massage can also be performed at a venue of your choice. Book a session at home or other places and you will have the particular room used as part of the Tantric massage rituals adjusted to produce the same level of pleasure and overall experience.

Tranquillity and Meditation

Tantra uses the very basic principle of creating harmony to produce its benefits. It treats the human body and soul as a whole, an inseparable unity. Among the many things you can expect from your Tantric massage experience are tranquillity and the ability to meditate.

As a result, Tantric massage is very relaxing. You can reach a deeper state of relaxation the further you go into the session. The Tantric goddess assisting you will also teach a number of basic breathing techniques and Tantric rituals to allow you to relax more throughout the session.

Transfer of Energy

As the spiritual bond between you and the Tantric goddess grows stronger, you will experience an intense transfer of positive energy. The positive energy, also known as Chakra, will help the body heal and regenerate at a faster rate.

Your first Tantric massage session may seem a bit bizarre because the transfer of energy can be realistically felt. Many are surprised by just how rejuvenating the whole experience can be.

Sensual Stimulations

There is no denying that Tantric massage is sensual by nature. The stimulations delivered throughout the session are designed to be arousing and relaxing at the same time.

Tantric massage is very enjoyable mainly due to its sensual nature. It allows the receiver – in this case, you – to learn more about sexual energy and how to control it. As you go deeper into the Tantric massage session, the whole experience will become more and more intense and sensually intimate.

Advanced Treatments

The basic Tantric massage, a series of rituals designed to bring the benefits of Tantra to you, is one of the best Tantric rituals to get. However, it is not the only treatment you can opt for when booking a Tantric massage session.

The more advanced Yoni and Lingam massage bring specific benefits to your sexual health. It is easy to master the art of prolonging pleasure and learn more about how to control your sexual energy with the help of these advanced treatments.

Prostate massage ensures the health of your prostate gland – specifically for male receivers – and brings a lot of benefits as well. The treatment is designed to improve the health of other organs in your body by stimulating central nerve endings known as the male G-spot.

Naturist massage offers an even more sensual experience, with the Tantric goddess being nude throughout the session. A full body-to-body massage is usually the treatment opted in order to intensify the whole experience further; instead of using her hands, the Tantric goddess will use the natural curves of her body to deliver intense stimulations.

Other treatments can also be incorporated into the Tantric massage session upon request. You have complete control over the experience and you can fine-tune every detail to your liking.

Benefits to Expect from the Tantric Rituals

The benefits you can expect at the end of the session depend highly on the treatments you choose to enjoy, but there are a number of general benefits brought to you by any Tantric rituals. These benefits are:

· Full energy recharge. You will feel very fresh at the end of the session.

· Pure relaxation. As mentioned earlier, Tantric massage is a very relaxing therapy that will take you to a whole new level of relaxation.

· Amazing sexual energy release. Orgasm is not the main goal of the session, but in most cases you will be able to experience a Tantric orgasm and the ultimate form of sexual energy release.

· Chakra balancing. Those who feel their life is not balanced properly will find Tantric massage to be very enlightening. As your Chakra is aligned, you will feel your cognitive ability and metabolism improving rapidly.

· The art of Tantric rituals. Yes, Tantric massage incorporates teachings that will help you understand more about the Tantric massage rituals and other practices. You can apply these practices outside the session to gain the same benefits.

· Improved blood circulation. The stimulations given throughout a Tantric massage session is known for their ability to enhance blood circulation; improved supply of oxygen and nutrients can be expected as a direct result of the massage session.

· Spiritual enlightenment. Tantric massage is good not only on a physical level but also on a spiritual level. Those who are suffering from severe stress and depression will find Tantric massage to be very enlightening.

What NOT to Expect

Now that we’ve discussed a number of things you can expect from a Tantric massage session, it is time to take a closer look at what NOT to expect.

1. Tantric massage is not a sexual experience. You can’t expect the Tantric goddess to perform sexual favours or acts for you.

2. Although orgasm is a nice bonus to end the session, it is not the primary goal of Tantric massage at all. You can’t enter a Tantric massage session expecting to feel orgasm because the mind-set will only block the true benefits of Tantric rituals.

3. You can’t expect the Tantric massage ritual to be instantly beneficial unless you are willing to keep an open mind. Be receptive and learn more about the basic principles of Tantra during your Tantric massage session and you will be greatly rewarded.

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