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Yoni Massage London

Do you want to get the best Yoni Massage London has to offer? Then you have come to the right place to find it!

Yoni massage is a Tantric technique specifically aimed at healing and empowering women. It involves gentle yet stimulating moves and touches inside the vagina.

What makes this Tantric massage so good is its special qualities. It enables you to connect your mind to your vagina on a deep spiritual, physical and emotional level. Yoni massage can help to heal deep seated trauma or internal tensions that have been holding you back or causing you to repress your feelings.

You can use this Tantric massage technique to build and maintain your sexual energy and gain control and mastery over your sexual desires and drives. It is not simply about touch. Yoni massage will teach you how to connect your mind, body and spirit to work synergistically so you can experience greater sexual awareness and connection with your being.

What to expect from a Yoni massage

Yoni massages are not usually done on their own. The masseuse will take the time to relax and awaken the whole of the body so you are in tune with your senses. This builds trust and openness with you masseuse before the Yoni massage takes place. The whole session is a part of a whole-body Tantric approach.

You should treat the Yoni massage not as a quick therapy session, but as a teaching moment about how to learn to create a more fulfilling and loving feeling of sexual energy. Unless you have suffered a particular trauma, you can learn to feel a deeper and more exciting level of sexual energy during lovemaking. You can discover a whole new level of love and connection with your partner both during and after sex.

For those women who carry deep-seated issues before a Yoni massage, you can learn to awaken your Yoni and reconnect your mind. You can learn to release psychological anxieties and tensions that have been holding your back from letting go during sex. You can heal past sexual trauma and emotional scars, push away barriers and learn to love your Yoni once again.

How is a Yoni Massage Performed?

Before your masseuse moves on to perform a Yoni massage, they will take the time to pamper your whole body with a Tantric massage. This will help your to relax and will put your mind and body at ease and make you more receptive to the Yoni massage. The Tantric massage will move into a Yoni massage in one smooth journey when you are ready without a break in the senses.

Your masseuse will guide you though the whole session and teach you how to connect with your Yoni to enhance your sensitivity and engage your sexual energy. The Tantric touches used here will be very different to what you may have experienced during lovemaking with your partner. You will engage with a different kind of sensual energy and feeling throughout the massage.

Want to try a  Tantric Yoni massage out for yourself? We are pleased to say that our registered Tantric therapists are ready and waiting to help you. Why not book yourself an exciting experience today – you won’t regret it!

Experiencing a Yoni massage for the first time can made a big impact in your life. After a few more sessions you and everyone around you will really be able to see a positive change as you learn to awaken your body.