Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is an intimate massage designed specifically for women. It uses a series of Tantric stimulations to regenerate and arouse the female sexual energy. Yoni in Sanskrit means “Sacred Space” or “Sacred Temple”, commonly used to describe the female sexual organ. Tantra sees the female sexual organ as a sacred temple where Chakra gathers. When performed by a trained Tantric goddess or master, Yoni massage can be both enlightening spiritually and rejuvenating physically.

The Basics of Yoni Massage

Unlike other Tantric rituals, Yoni massage seldom gets performed on its own. It is usually used as a ritual suitable for ending a comprehensive Tantric massage session. This is because Yoni massage is considered to be more intense, thus thorough preparations are also needed.

After a series of bathing and Tantric massage rituals, Yoni massage can be the ultimate climax of a Tantric massage session. The receiver will enjoy not only physical pleasure and sensations but also a series of psychological blasts along the way.

The practice of Yoni massage is not new at all. Records have shown that Yoni massage was first introduced thousands of years ago in different Asian regions such as India and China. The rituals are perfected over time, making the current Yoni massage very relevant and highly beneficial even by today’s standards.

Misconceptions About Yoni Massage

There are a few misconceptions about Yoni massage circulating these days. These misconceptions are generally caused by the sensual nature of Yoni massage itself. In order to truly benefit from Yoni massage and understand the incorporated rituals, it is necessary to understand the facts behind these misconceptions.

» Yoni Massage Is Sexual

This is perhaps the biggest misconception of them all. Although it is sensual by nature, Yoni massage is not designed to be sexual at all. You are taught the art of controlling your sexual energy and mastering the ultimate level of orgasm during a Yoni massage session, but orgasm is not the primary goal.

Similar to other Tantric rituals, physical pleasure is seen as a way to reach further spiritual enlightenment. Physical sensations such as orgasm are no more than a vehicle to further Tantric explorations.

» Yoni Massage Is Uncomfortable

When performed by a skilled and trained Tantric goddess, Yoni massage can actually help you experience an unrivalled level of pleasure. Many people who believe Yoni massage is uncomfortable get their experiences from the wrong sources, mainly untrained therapists.

The best Yoni massage experience is highly customizable. Make sure you are working with a Tantric god or goddess that gives you complete freedom over the session. You can have every aspect of the experience customized to your liking.

Yoni Massage Rituals

The rituals incorporated into a Yoni massage session are truly unique and have been perfected for women. These special traits are what make Yoni massage that much more enjoyable.

Yoni massage focuses on the female sexual organ, but that doesn’t mean the rituals will focus on the pelvic region alone. There are pressure points across your body targeted during a Yoni massage session in order to maximize its benefits.

Soft touches and mild pressures are used to stimulate nerve endings, particularly around the pelvic region and vagina. Deep-tissue massage is never a method that can be incorporated into a Yoni massage session because the female pelvic region is extremely sensitive.

As the therapist stimulates the body more, the receiver will be able to feel an increasingly strong flow of Chakra across your body. As mentioned earlier, female Yoni is the centre of many nerve endings; when stimulated properly, the effects are truly profound.

Yoni Massage as Sexual Therapy

Due to the sensual nature of Yoni massage and the basic principles of Tantra incorporated into the session, Yoni massage also works well as a sexual therapy. Those who are suffering from low sexual energy or drive and difficulties in reaching quality orgasms can truly benefit from Yoni massage rituals.

During a Yoni massage session, the therapist will also teach his or her patient a series of breathing techniques and Tantra rituals. These techniques are designed to give those who practice them better control over their sexual energy and drive.

By paying close attention and practicing the basic and advanced sexual energy control during a Yoni massage, one can easily apply the same techniques beyond the boundaries of the Tantric massage sessions to achieve similar – or even better – results.

The more Yoni massage rituals are enjoyed, the more Tantric techniques are taught. These techniques are not difficult to master, especially with the help of a trained Tantric god or goddess every step of the way.

The True Benefits of Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is beneficial not only as a sexual therapy but as a massage therapy in general. Its benefits can be felt throughout the body, even in areas that are not touched directly during a Yoni massage session.

Some of the benefits offered by Yoni massage are:

· Improved Orgasm

Tantric orgasm is much better than conventional, sexual orgasm because of the intense transfer of energy. You too can achieve the same level of orgasm on a daily basis with the help of Yoni massage and the Tantric rituals taught during a Yoni massage session.

· Complete Relaxation

Yoni massage may seem to be sensual and exciting by nature, but the whole experience is actually very relaxing. After a long week dealing with stressful things – or even after a busy day at the office – enjoying a nice session of Yoni massage (and Tantric rituals in general) can really help those who enjoy it relax completely.

· Recharge of Energy

Your inner sexual energy and drive are recharged during a Yoni massage session. However, the whole experience is also beneficial to your health in general.

As the session progresses, nerve endings are stimulated correctly. Blood circulation is improved, allowing other parts of the body to receive more nutrients and oxygen. At the end of the session, many are not surprised to find themselves feeling very fresh and fully recharged.

With so many more benefits to enjoy from a good Yoni massage session, there is no doubt that this alternative treatment is a beneficial one to experience.

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